Friday, February 2, 2018

Medicaid Study Group makes long term policy recommendations to preserve, build on Medicaid success

Since moving away from capitated managed care plans in 2012, Connecticut’s Medicaid program has enjoyed enormous success. Per capita spending is actually down, making Connecticut the best performing state in the US at controlling costs. Even better, those savings were achieved while Connecticut also made enormous strides in expanding provider participation in the program, access to care, and quality improvement. However, this progress is fragile. Ongoing state budget pressures and uncertainty at the federal level threaten achievements. A new state administration next year offers both concerns and opportunities to continue and expand our progress into the future.

The Medicaid Study Group, a collaboration of independent consumer advocates, is offering state policymakers a set of recommendations to both protect the progress we’ve made to date and to build on those efforts to benefit both consumers and taxpayers. Recommendations cover regulation and limits on risky, failing payment models, strong program evaluation, consumer education, data-based policymaking, strengthen Medicaid oversight leadership, limits on burdensome, pointless waivers, and strong Conflict of Interest provisions to protect competition.